Properties for Rent

Snapshot of our properties available for rental.

Syek Kechik Foundation Building

Syed Kechik Foundation Building with its surrounding lush and soothing greenery is truly a living microcosm and epitome of Kuala Lumpur’s aim in being a veritable garden city. It is commandingly perched in an exclusive enclave on the peak of the Bangsar hilltop and is nestled in and overlooks the commercial and trendy suburb of Bangsar.

Office Space available as of Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Floors AvailableArea Sq FtAdditional Sailent CommentsStatus
Ninth ( 9th )4,000Tower BlockTENANTED
Ninth ( 9th )1,250Tower BlockTENANTED
Eighth ( 8th )2,000Tower BlockTENANTED
Eighth ( 8th )2,000Tower BlockTENANTED
Eighth ( 8th )1,250Tower BlockTENANTED
Seventh ( 7th )2,000Tower BlockVACANT
Seventh ( 7th )2,000Tower BlockVACANT
Seventh ( 7th )1,250Tower BlockTENANTED
Sixth ( 6th )4,000Tower BlockVACANT
Sixth ( 6th )1,250Tower BlockTENANTED
Fifth ( 5th )2,000Tower BlockTENANTED
Fifth ( 5th )2,000Tower BlockVACANT
Fifth ( 5th )1,250Tower BlockTENANTED
Fourth ( 4th )2,000Tower BlockTENANTED
Fourth ( 4th )2,000Tower BlockTENANTED
Fourth ( 4th )1,200Tower BlockTENANTED
Third ( 3rd )4,854Tower BlockTENANTED
Second ( 2nd )2,335Tower BlockTENANTED
Second ( 2nd )3,315Tower BlockTENANTED
First ( 1st )5,669Tower BlockTENANTED
Ground ( G )5,000South Wing BlockTENANTED
First ( 1st )4,500South Wing BlockVACANT
First ( 1st )4,000North Wing BlockTENANTED

Wisma Budiman

Wisma Budiman, Persiaran Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur is located in the financial heart of the business district of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle and sits immediately adjacent to the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, opposite Menara Olympia and a stone’s throw away from Menara Maybank.

Office Space Available as of Wednesday, August 12, 2015

FloorsArea Sq FtAdditional Salient CommentsStatus
Ground ( G )4,000Singular Main EntranceTENANTED
Mezzanine ( M )3,500Singular Main EntranceTENANTED
First ( 1st )4,700Singular Main EntranceTENANTED
Second ( 2nd )4,700Singular Main EntranceTENANTED
Third ( 3rd )4,700Singular Main EntranceTENANTED
Fourth ( 4th )4,700Singular Main EntranceTENANTED
Fifth ( 5th )4,700Singular Main EntranceTENANTED
Sixth ( 6th )4,700Singular Main EntranceTENANTED
Seventh ( 7th )3,850Common Main EntranceTENANTED
Seventh ( 7th )850Common Main EntranceTENANTED
Eighth ( 8th )4,700Singular Main EntranceTENANTED
Ninth ( 9th )4,700Singular Main EntranceVACANT
Penthouse ( P )5,000Singular Main EntranceTENANTED

Indah Sabah

12 storey building located at Jalan Sugut, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Anticipated gross lettable floor areas:

FloorUseGross Area ( sq. ft. )Net Areas ( sq. ft. )Status
Ground ( G )Office
Ground ( G )Office2,795.06PENDING
First ( 1st )Office4,478.353,195.38PENDING
Second ( 2nd )Office4,478.353,195.38PENDING
Third ( 3rd )Office4,478.353,195.38PENDING
Fourth ( 4th )Office3,935.113,192.54PENDING
Fifth ( 5th )Office3,935.113,192.54PENDING
Sixth ( 6th )Office3,935.113,192.54PENDING
Seventh ( 7th )Office4,178.053,435.48PENDING
Eighth ( 8th )Office4,178.053,435.48PENDING
Ninth ( 9th )Office4,178.053,435.48PENDING
Tenth ( 10th )Office4,178.053,435.48PENDING
Eleventh ( 11th )Office4,178.053,435.48PENDING